CWP is a World Leading advanced Free and PRO web hosting panel that gives you all the flexibility to effectively and efficiently manage your server and clients. Now with CWP Secure Kernel providing the highest possible security level for your server. (PS: This site is hosted using CWP on CentOS 7)

Setup Hostname

This hostname cannot be the same as any domain that is on your server (for example, if is a domain on your server, use as your fully qualified hostname).

You can use the following command for hostname setup eg.

1. Preparing Server

Let’s install required packages for CWP installation

yum -y install wget
2. Server Update

Now we need to update your server to the latest version

yum -y update
3. Reboot Server

Reboot your server so that all updates can take effect.

4. Now you are ready to start CWP Installation

CWP installer can run more than 30 minutes because it needs to compile apache and php from source.

Installer for CentOS 7 (recommended)
cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-el7-latest
5. Reboot Server

Reboot your server so that all updates can take effect and CWP gets started.

6. Configuration

Log in to your CWP server using the link provided by the installer on your server.

Control WebPanel Admin GUI at http://SERVER-IP:2030/
Username: root